” Two weeks ago I went to a meeting in Ballyconneely, Co Galway. It was a poster in a Post Office window that attracted my attention, about gold mining in Connemara. I could not believe that any one would want to mine there. I listened in horror as it was explained to me the possibilities that could effect our fragile landscape and ecosystem. Gold mining is one of the most destructive to our world, it is open cast and 2 tons to 91 tons of rock to produce just 1 ounce of gold, each ton of rock turned into slurry and rinsed with arsenic or cyanide. The prospecting license to be granted has been done WITHOUT an Environmental Impact Assessment, a statutory instrument was used to waiver the law. Connemara has a blanket bog holding in a millennia of carbon, 70% of Connemara is a Special area of conservation , This current exploration plan, if granted, is proposed to take place in protected areas, including Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) and proposed Natural Heritage Areas (pNHA) including Murvey Machair, Connemara Bog Complex, and Dogs Bay. The blanket bog is protected under the European habitats directive. We will be left with poisoned waterways, and land left unfit for anything, even grazing. The noise from the endless drilling would drive any wildlife left away. Connemara thrives on its tourism this would be lost too. THERE WAS NO PUBLIC CONSULTATION. We formed an action group called Protect Connemara, that are trying to stand up for what we feel is right, saving our landscape and futures from being ransacked for financial gain that we will not actually see in this country. All profits will go to the mining company.” – a campaigner

FAQs about Mining Ireland

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Short film about Community resistance to Mining in Armenia

I urge everyone to watch this film . If you think ‘…it will never happen here…’, in Amulsar, this beautiful region of Armenia, millions had been spent developing tourism and they had a world class mineral water source feeding the Jermuk health spas. The mining destroyed the landscape and apricots trees, poisoned the grass being eaten by their cattle herd and threatens their water sources, including the largest fresh water reserve in Armenia.” – a campaigner

Report on Connemara Campaign on TG4

Report about similar case in Wales

Photos: Thanks to Ronan Davis, John King, Ruari O Neill, and others

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