Carna, Cashel, of which Mace is but one townland of many, has been described and indeed is widely held as culturally the richest area in Europe. Collectors, lovers and enthusiasts of music, song and story have known and come to visit this area as a place apart wherein much of Ireland’s ancient traditions and its unique landscape has been preserved for generations.

MacDara’s Island with its 1000+ year old church and annual pilgrimage on the 16th July is but one example of the importance of place and its history to the people of this area. It is in a Special Protected Area and borders the Kilkieran SAC and much of it is within the Connemara Bog Complex.

Home to farmers and fishers, be it working from home, providing accommodation to Irish language students and tourists, or providing a public service, this area has sustained its people physically, culturally and emotionally. How much longer will this rare and beautiful land be home and inspiration to its people and visitors, remaining intact, maintaining its physical and cultural richness if mining is allowed here?

To the Canadian mining company MOAG Copper-Gold Resources Inc, and to the Government, it is now ‘PL 934’. And it is thus in one stroke that whole communities and their history are being swiped off the map. What consideration was given to the long term effects of giving a number and a licence to match, to a place and its people, their homes, their animals, their boats and currachs, their songs and stories? Will they fold up and disappear into the mists? The State has consistently neglected Connemara and continues to do so.

We are now declaring: What we have, we hold. We are saying NO to this sellout, NO to the destruction of our homes, Our lives and Our water, Our future. We are saying No To Mining in Carna, Cashel, Connemara.

“Prospecting Licence 934 (“the Property”) covers an area of 45.01 square kilometres. It comprises the following Townlands in the Ballynahinch Barony, County Galway. Ireland: Ard East, Ard West, Callancruck, Carna, Cuillen, Dooletter East, Dooletter West, Dooyeher, Glinsk, Halfmace, Knockboy, Letterard, Letterdeskerk, Mace, Moyrus, Rusheenachola, Rusheennamanagh, Rusheenyvulligan.. [These are shown on Figure 1.]

The centre of the Licence is at approximately Latitude 53°20’N, Longitude 9°50’W. The property is designated as Prospecting Licence 934. The Licence is in force for a period of six years from the 31st day December, 2005. (MOAG website).

When a Prospecting Licence was issued to Moag in 2005-2006 few if anyone knew about it. If notification was placed in the Connacht Tribune as other planning notices are, it slipped under the radar, just as the recent one for Roundstone, Ballyconneely ‘PL 930’ almost had. Like a thief in the night our Government, in facilitating a Canadian mining company, has re designated this area as a potential mining area.

With No Public Consultation and no consideration to the devastating impacts prospecting and mining would have on the people, the water we drink and the fauna and flora that coexists within it, and at a time when our government has declared Climate Action? It beggars belief. Mining, of all industries is the most destructive to the environment.

We say NO MINING IN CARNA CASHEL CONNEMARA.;-Minister-for-Natural-Resources-Sean-Kyne-to-Address-Ireland-Presentation.aspx?fbclid=IwAR34XNjFt2FjroIXZugc_JRw67903Iht4lSX1rY6zr3TJvCYEwPIzLCK7FM

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