The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment intends to grant a prospecting licence for Base Metals, Gold (ores of) and Silver (ores of) to MOAG Copper Gold Resources Inc, 1 Burkebrook Place, Suite 405, Toronto, Ontario M4G 0A2, Canada over the following Townlands in County Galway:
Townlands in Ballinahinch Barony: Boolagare, Callow, Dolan, Doohulla, Emlaghmore, Errisbeg West, Murvey, Tullaghlumman Beg.

PL Area 930

We have registered our objection on the grounds of threats to the health and wellbeing of the natural environment and that of the local community. Mining is a process that is hugely destructive to land, water and air and to all who require these for their continued healthy existence.
In this era of Climate Emergency and rapid species loss the granting of licenses to prospect is very much a step in the wrong direction. It is at odds with the responsibilities of this government at this crucial time for the planet and all that live in it.

Link to public Notice:

So far we have:

Had an interview with Lorna Siggins

Contacted all shadow TDs for Communications, Climate Action and Environment

Also send the “Complaint” to the Information Commissioner and let the Ministers know that we will be reporting them to the Aarhus Compliance Committee in Geneva.

Been to Brussels with Luke Flanagan to meet with European Commission

Met Clare Daly and Mick Wallace, Mairead McGuinness’s assistant, Sean Kyne Interview in Irish independent

Link to Facebook page

Link to petition

Photos: Thanks to Ronan Davis, John King, Ruari O Neill, and others

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