On 25th July, an application has been made for renewal of the prospecting license in the Maam Valley and Corr na Móna.

Prospecting licences are to be renewed in the areas of Maam Valley and Corr na Móna. The notice of RENEWAL is for the prospecting rights in the areas of PL 1431, PL 2295 and PL 3145. We would ask everyone to please take this renewal as a sign of intention to mine, as it brings us one step closer to that reality.

The notice is active fromThursday, 25th of July and gives us 30 days to post our objections to the department.

All letters of objection should be made to the Exploration and Mining Division of the DCCAE at the following email address:


Or by postal submission to the following:

Exploration & Mining Division,
Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment,
29-31 Adelaide Road
D02 X285

Please include reasoning for your objection including irreparable damage to the landscape, loss of habitat for native species, threat of contamination to water courses, loss of farmable land, threat to livestock and possible damage to roadways by large prospecting rigs.

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